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Find Answers to Your Window Questions with this Comprehensive Windows Buyers Guide

Today, there are more options than ever in available window styles, types and materials.  It’s important to understand differences in windows so you choose those that best fit with the design and style of your home while remaining within your budget.

Windows and Blinds connects you with licensed, knowledgeable window contractors who not only work with you to select the right windows for your home, but will offer you competitive pricing on top window brand manufacturers.

Difference Between New Windows and Replacement Windows

When updating your windows, it’s important to understand what classification of window you need.

  • New windows are those being placed in a newly constructed home where there currently is no window in the opening.
  • Replacement windows refer to those that replace currently existing windows in a home.
  • New-construction windows often refer not only to the window, but to the interior and exterior frames as well.

When referencing replacement windows, you are normally replacing just the window itself.

Use Window Styles That Match the Design of Your Home

To choose your window style, start by classifying the current overall design style of your home. You can select a consistent style to use throughout your home or use a variety of different styles in different areas.

There are many styles of windows ranging from double hung to sliding. Some windows are functional while others are stationary.

Consider not only the design of your home’s exterior when selecting your window, but also how it will look with your interior style.

Different Types of Windows Help Increase Energy Efficiency

Window types differ from window styles in that type most often refers to the glass pane itself.

There are several types of windows such as block glass and double pane, which vary in appearance as well as energy efficiency. 

The type of window you select is just as important as the style.

Select the Window Brand That Fits Your Exact Needs

Hundreds of brands of windows exist in today’s market so it’s important to ensure you are selecting a quality brand that manufactures windows with the latest in technology and craftsmanship.

Reputable brands most often certify and train their own installers giving you the peace of mind your windows are being installed safely and correctly.

Take Advantage of Free Estimates on Name-Brand Windows

New or replacement home windows are a big investment. It can be a challenge to find high-quality windows by reputable manufacturers at affordable pricing.

A smart way to purchase windows for your home is to take advantage of free estimates from locally, insured window contractors.

You can save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars and be assured your replacement windows are correctly installed with all applicable warranties in force.

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