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Whether you are installing new windows or searching for replacement windows for your home, style is as important as function. Picking the wrong window style negatively affects the overall look of your home and can actually detract from its value. Get advice and window installation quotes from local window installers at no obligation to you.

Here Are a Few Tips to Help You Determine Which Style of Window You Need:

  • Define the architectural design of your home. Is your home design traditional, contemporary, etc? Choose a window style that complements your design.
  • Determine how you want the window to function. Do you want it to open from the top, the bottom, or not at all. Windows have hinge systems in different locations that guide how it will open.
  • Decide on the amount of ventilation needed. Some windows allow greater airflow than others and still some are for decorative purposes only and don’t actually open.
  • Distinguish between styles needed throughout the home. Do you want to use a different style window in the bathroom than you do the living room? You can vary the styles of window in different rooms of your home.

There Are Lots Of Window Style Options

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