Storm Windows

Add a Layer of Protection to Your Home With Storm Windows

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Storm windows are designed to go over existing windows and can be mounted on the interior or exterior of your home. They offer another layer of protection for both energy efficiency and safety purposes.

When placed over existing windows, particularly ones that are single-paned, storm windows lower your energy costs by providing additional insulation and reducing the amount of air that enters or escapes the home.

They also help protect your primary windows from damage that can be caused by inclement weather or exposure to harmful UV rays and moisture. Get the best price on your new Storm Windows by requesting a quote today, and getting at least 3 bids from area installers certified in window installation.

Advantages of Storm Windows:

  • Reduces energy costs
  • Protects primary windows from damage
  • Provides additional insulation
  • Easy to Install

Disadvantages of Storm Windows:

  • Expensive compared to other window types
  • Some materials yellow or scratch easily
  • Difficult to clean
  • Reduces the amount of natural light entering the home

Finding the Right Storm Window Material for Your Home

The look and durability of storm windows have greatly improved over the years. You now can select from a variety of frame materials, including wood and vinyl, in a variety of colors.

The actual pane material has now expanded from glass and plastic to include polycarbonate plastic, laminated glass and glass with low-emissivity coatings.

Storm windows are often a cheaper alternative to replacing your existing windows. With new designs and colors available, many homeowners find that storm windows are the perfect choice for improving energy efficiency and damage protection.

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