Single Hung Window Style

Single-Hung Windows Provide Affordability
And Simplistic Beauty

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One of the most common windows for residential homes in the United States is the single-hung window.

These windows are simple, affordable, and readily available. Their simple design and affordable pricing makes them an attractive choice for any home.

Instead of having two moveable sashes, like a double-hung window, a single-hung window has just one sash which opens while the other sash remains stationary. This means that just one section of the window, typically the bottom half, can open up for ventilation.

This is a very simple and easy to use design, and there are very few parts that can break or be damaged. To guarantee successful window installation, request a quote today and chose from 3 or more certified window installation specialists.

Advantages of Single-Hung Windows:

  • Easy to operate
  • More secure than double-hung or casement windows
  • Less expensive than most any other window styles
  • Decreases energy loss

Disadvantages of Single-Hung Windows:

  • Reduces ventilation with only one operational sash
  • More difficult to clean fixed sash of window
  • Increases safety risk for children and pets when installed close to floor

Discover the Secure, Energy Efficient Window

Single-hung windows tend to be one of the more secure window styles. A single lock increases the likelihood you will remember to secure it and only one moving section provides less room for someone to gain physical access in or out.

Fewer moving parts to this window also mean increased energy efficiency because there is less opportunity for air leakage. When the sash is down and the window is closed, there is a tight seal due to waterproofing and foam.

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