Hopper Window Style

Create Light and Ventilation In Small Spaces With Hopper Windows

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A hopper window is usually rectangular and quite small, typically half the size of a traditional double hung or picture window.

Instead of having a sash in the middle, a hopper window has hinges at the bottom that allows the top of the window to swing either inwards into the room or outwards away from the home.

Hoppers are most often seen in basements where they provide both light and ventilation. Screens affixed to the exterior of the windows prevent leaves and other debris from entering the room.

Many homeowners turn to this window style because it easily fits into small spaces, it is relatively affordable and it can be very energy efficient. Get the best pricing on windows and installation by requesting a quote today, and get at least 3 bids from local installers.

Advantages of Hopper Windows:

  • Provides good ventilation
  • Allows light into smaller or secluded rooms
  • Decreases air loss with compression seal
  • Easy to open and close

Disadvantages of Hopper Windows:

  • Easier access for intruders if left open at ground level
  • Requires special size window treatments
  • Provides limited privacy
  • Harder to clean the outside of the window

Add New Style to Any Room with a Classic Window Design

Although hopper windows have traditionally been used in smaller spaces, they are becoming increasingly popular for use throughout the home. Large sizes are being produced and homeowners are using them in other rooms of the home such as bedrooms and living rooms. Used alone or in conjunction with another window style, hoppers are smart choices for both style and function.

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