Garden Window Style

Add an Outdoor Element To Your Home’s Interior With Garden Windows

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Garden windows are popular additions to homes, particularly in the kitchen. This style of window extends out from the exterior wall and often has a shelf or two that you can use for growing plants and herbs.

The front, sides and top of the window are glass and the side panes usually open for added ventilation. Enjoy a worry-free installation of your new windows using local window installers. Request a quote today and get at least 3 bids from certified window specialists competing to win your business.

Advantages of Garden Windows:

  • Increased natural light
  • Produces additional air circulation
  • Added shelf space for growing plants, flowers and herbs
  • Installs easily in existing window space

Disadvantages of Garden Windows:

  • Requires additional exterior space due to protruding design
  • More expensive than other types of windows
  • Prone to energy loss when cheaper materials are used
  • Entails cleaning from the outside

Maximize Your View Out to Your Surroundings While Enhancing the Look of Your Home

A garden window provides a larger viewing area than a standard-sized window, allowing you a better view to your outdoor surroundings. Create another design element with this style of window in any room to enhance the look and value of your home.

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