Circle Top Window Style

Circle Top Windows Enhance the Dimensional
Style of Your Home

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The very design of circle top windows makes them an interesting and distinctive design element for use in any home. With a rounded top and linear bottom, they are used to enhance entryways, doors, staircases and even other window styles such as casement or picture windows.

Circle top windows are normally decorative in style and don’t open or close and require installation from expert window installers. Request a quote today and get at least 3 free bids from window installers in your area.

Advantages of Circle Top Windows:

  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • Enhances the look of windows, doors and walls
  • Provides additional light source
  • Increases curb appeal of your home

Disadvantages of Circle Top Windows:

  • Provides no ventilation
  • Requires specialty window treatments
  • More expensive than standard window styles
  • Increased height placement can make them difficult to clean

Enjoy Additional Light and Energy Efficiency with Circle Top Windows

Circle top windows allow natural light to enter your home and are available in several designs. They also are some of the most energy efficient windows with the elimination of ventilation problems because they don’t open or close.

Add to your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency with circle top windows.

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