Bow Window Style

Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home With Bow Windows

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Bow windows differ from bay windows in that they have four or more window units within one large framed unit. Many homeowners select bow windows because of their unique arced appearance and aesthetic appeal they bring to a home design. Let us connect you with local window installers and get at least 3 local bids at no obligation to you.

Advantages of Bow Windows:

  • Increases light flow into room
  • Adds interior space for the addition of window seats, counters, and more
  • Enhances the exterior look of your home
  • Provides additional ventilation when windows are open

Disadvantages of Bow Windows:

  • Requires more structural support
  • May require additional expense for specialty window treatments
  • Increases cost for installation
  • Significantly more expensive than standard windows

Get More Interior Space with a Bow Window

A bow window provides you with an opportunity to increase the interior space of any room. You will see these windows used predominately in kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. Because they protrude from the wall, you will have more space to add a window seat, reading nook or storage cabinet.

You can select one style of window or multiple styles to fit within the bow window frame. This allows you to easily match the overall style of your home. The versatility of bow windows makes them a smart design option for savvy homeowners.

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