Ideas for Awning Windows in New Homes

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Awning Window StyleAwning windows have been a staple for home design, as they are very versatile. They are considered a member of the casement window family. As such they are popular for replacement windows where there are open wall spaces and they can allow nice ambient light into the home interiors. It also is the window style that is both modern and chic for decorative accents.

Here are some great examples of how to use the awning window style, as a new homeowner doing basic improvements or home window replacements. Consider these when planning to have new window replacements installed in your new home. Having some ideas ahead of time is always wise and will be helpful for those doing the installation work. Learn more about replacing windows with a window buyer’s guide by clicking here.

Modern Home Design Using the Awning Window

Using an awning window set above a fireplace mantel gives a touch of elegance to any new home. As replacement windows for new homes, they are easy to install and can be made to look perfect in many situations. This can make for a wonderful den, living room or other interior space. It will add lighting and save on electricity during the warmer months of the year.

Use Shelves as Awning Window Accents

The awning window can be accented with shelving below it. This allows for the awning window crank to be accessible, yet not be intrusive. These are the perfect windows for the rainy season, as they can be left open without exposing the inner home to the elements. Groups of these windows can be lined up and make for beautiful ambient lighting, especially for ground level rooms.

Give Bedrooms the Awning Window Treatment

Another wonderful way to use an awning window is in the bedroom area. This window lets in light and can be left open, allowing the bedroom to stay cool all year long. It will give any bedroom area that classic look, but without taking away from the existing home interior design. The romantic air that an awning window provides can not be understated. New couples should truly consider this as a motif for their bedroom style and decor.

A Perfect Choice for Replacement Windows

No other replacement window has the versatility of the awning window style. The awning window provides ambient lighting, shades the interior rooms, allows for proper ventilation and looks great almost anywhere. Think about awning window replacements for your new home window installations or as an alternative window treatment. All these are reasons why the awning window is the perfect choice for any replacement window installation.

The awning window style is not only good for replacement windows, but can add a classic look to homes. They are functional and have similar advantages like blinds, shades and shutters do also. They are always a good choice. Find more window styles to fit the design of your home.

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