Bay Window Style

Improve the Natural Sunlight In Your Home With Bay Windows

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One of the most popular and attractive styles of windows for the home is the bay window.

Typically, a bay window is one that has three sides to it. The middle pane is perpendicular to the wall, and the other two panes on the sides are at an angle. This creates a slightly larger interior space and allows more natural light to enter the room over a traditional window. Get expert Bay Window advice from installers in your area and receive 3 or more quotes at no obligation to you.

Advantages of Bay Windows:

  • Allows more natural light into the room
  • Provides a larger view to the exterior of your home
  • Increases air circulation when windows are open
  • Creates more space in the interior of the room

Disadvantages of Bay Windows:

  • Requires more structural change and support for exterior wall
  • Additional window space to clean
  • Higher in cost than standard windows
  • Increased expense for window treatments

Bay Windows Add Space and Dimension to a Room

Just by the nature of their design, bay windows produce additional interior space in a room as well as a dimensional element. This creates more interest in the room and adds to the overall style of your home, both on the interior and exterior.

While bay windows have long been popular to use in the kitchen, you will find them now in other areas of the home such as living rooms and bathrooms. Take a look at bay windows and consider this unique design for your home.

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