Awning Window Style

Increase Your Home’s Ventilation & Style With Awning Windows

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Hinged at the top, awning windows open outward from the bottom. Awning-style windows have been around for a long time. Perhaps you remember them being above school room doors back in the day.

They continue to remain a popular choice among homeowners as both new and replacement window installations. We'll help connect you with local window installers who are certified in Awning window installation and who are competing to win your business.

Advantages of Awning Windows:

  • Provides cross ventilation into the room
  • Allows for natural light without direct sunlight rays
  • Popular in humid or damp environments
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Compliments a variety of home styles

Disadvantages of Awning Windows:

  • Requires unblocked exterior access to open
  • Increases maintenance to keep exterior glass and window frame clean
  • Difficult to open if placed at a higher point in the room
  • Eliminates possibility of exterior storm windows

Enjoy a Traditional Window Design with Updated Energy Efficiency

Awning windows give your home a traditional design, but are manufactured with today’s technology for the best in energy efficiency. Select from large single pane styles or multiple panes set within one frame. Either way you go, you will add a unique design aspect to your home.

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